If you are looking for producers, collaborators, organisations to support your new musical please have a look through our downloadable document below with links to websites and contacts that you will hopefully find useful. If you are a company or producer that would like to be added to our list so we can point MT writers and composers in your direction please let us know!

We ran our open submissions process from January 2018 through to the end of March 2019. We are taking on shows in their most embryonic stages of development and are committed to spend the next few years nurturing them towards full production.

We are also thrilled to be part of the ROYAL AND DERNGATE’S national consortium initiative supported by an Arts Council England Ambition for Excellence grant. Together we will be commissioning a new British musical for production in 2020. The writers / musical for this will be selected through our standard submission process which was open from January 2018 – March 2019. We hope to announce the commissioned show very soon… 

Read more about the initiative here:

A little more information in regard to our open submission process is below in our FAQs.

We respond to every submission. If you have submitted your work to us over 8 weeks ago and not received a response please do check your junk mail folders or drop us an e-mail for us to re-send.


Who can submit their work?
Anyone aged over 16 and a permanent U.K. resident. (To comply with the conditions of our funding from Arts Council England we are only able to consider work from writers resident within the UK).

What type of shows are you looking for?
We will only be considering musicals with contemporary themes that will connect with a modern and diverse UK audience. We are particularly looking to create new works that will attract younger and more diverse audiences into both theatre and non-theatre spaces.
We will not consider Juke Box musicals. We are predominantly looking for totally original stories but would potentially consider an adaptation of a book or film if we felt it was contemporary in style and themes and fit the criteria above.

What stage of development should the show be at the time of submission?
A short synopsis, one/two ‘example’ scenes and one/two songs is perfect! Ideally we are looking for ideas in the most embryonic stage that we can work together with you to shape towards a full draft.  If you are not a writer who thrives in a wholly collaborative process then we will not be the best option for you. We will feed back and collaborate on your work at every stage from first synopsis and first song to the final performance draft with an eye to creating a piece of theatre with optimum chances of full production and long term life. We also employ directors, dramaturges, musical supervisors along the way to feed in their ideas, experience and mentorship into your work.
Fully completed shows that are not seeking intensive development and dramaturgical work will not be considered. All submissions must include a music sample of the composer’s music even if is from a previous musical or a standalone song.

What do Perfect Pitch do?
You can read more about our goals and our work on our ABOUT US page. And check out this page for the history of our SHOWS SO FAR.

Will Perfect Pitch take a royalty share of the show?
Perfect Pitch have a writer’s agreement which they will ask the writing team to sign before there is a substantial spend on the show’s development. There are many meetings and discussions about the piece before we get to this point and before any contract is signed so everybody knows they are on the same page for the piece. Once the musical becomes part of Perfect Pitch’s portfolio and long term investment they will ask for 12.5% of the writer’s royalties for the future of the show. If Perfect Pitch also license the show and/or produce and albums, sheet music etc a new agreement would be discussed and agreed. If at any time the writers and / or Perfect Pitch feel the collaboration is no longer working or the show is not going to reach full development, Perfect Pitch will either reduce their on-going royalty to just 5% or give the full royalty share back to the writers depending on the circumstances.

Who controls the rights to the show?
The writers are 100% in control of the rights. Whilst Perfect Pitch usually handle all negotiations and are the first point of contact when a producer or production company wants to option the show, no decision to hand over the rights is made without 100% consent from the writers.

How do I submit?
Please complete the submissions form at the bottom of this page and email any additional materials to We particularly like website links, Dropbox, soundcloud, we transfer, anything that doesn’t threaten to crash our inbox but if attachments are all you have then they are welcome too as a last resort – but please keep attachments to under 10MB.
You can submit as much or as little material as you like but generally less is more!
If you just want to submit a new idea for a musical that is not yet written, you can just let us know this on the form and send examples of other work.
Please DO NOT send materials by POST!

What’s the next step if you like my work?
We are planning meeting days all over the UK from April 2018 for the applicants who we feel may be a good fit for Perfect Pitch. It will just be an informal meeting and a chance for them to chat with us and hopefully a chance to introduce them to the artistic director of their local regional venue. Those applicants we would like to meet will receive an email at least 3 weeks prior to any meeting date.

Will I receive feedback on my submission?
We are a staff of 2 full time and 1 part time – we will read at least 20 pages and 3 songs of EVERY submission that fits our criteria but it may take us a little while to get through them!
Every applicant will receive an email to let them know we have received their submission. We will unfortunately be unable to offer detailed written feedback to all applicants but will endeavour to meet in person with as many of you as possible at our meeting days through the year!

When is the submissions deadline?
Submissions will be open until 31st March 2019.

Any other questions… drop an email to