The 45th Marvellous Chatterley Village Fete
Written by Rebecca Applin and Susannah Pearse

(previously titled ‘Sex and the Village’) 

A hilarious, heart-warming musical comedy in the style of The Vicar of Dibley and Jam and Jerusalem. When the humble village of Chatterley is threatened with annihilation by supermarket giant Tasdall’s, all the inhabitants must band together to figure out a way to preserve their beloved community.

Chloe Potts, a girl who dreams of being a writer but who has so far only written for her personal blog, may have hit upon a solution. But convincing the village is not going to be easy, especially as old tensions begin to resurface and everyone is just a little bit too lovelorn to focus. The arrival of the gorgeous Oscar, a smooth-spoken charmer from town, really throws the cat among the pigeons as he offers Chloe the chance to escape just when the village need her most. Can she find a way to leave without devastating her granddad and all those who have supported her for so many years? And will the inhabitants of Chatterley come up with a plan to defeat the supermarket and save their village before the bulldozers arrive?

Packed with lovable characters and a lively musical theatre score, this quintessentially British musical is perfect for a large ensemble with a vast range of ages and cast types. The show includes the beautiful ballad “White Elephant Stall” which has been performed by West End artists including Julie Atherton and Charlotte Wakefield (who sings the role on the original cast recording).

The footage above was taken during the premiere production of the show by Bury St Edmunds Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society.

The album below was recorded by Luke Kempner, Haydn Oakley, Charlotte Wakefield, Fenton Gray, Anna-Jane Casey and Laura Pitt-Pulford supported by the cast of the world premiere production from Bury St Edmunds Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society.  Recorded by The Shrubbery Studio and Sam Featherstone. Produced by Sam Featherstone. Click the link below to purchase and download.




The photos below are taken from the 2013 Premiere Production of the show, performed by the Bury St Edmunds Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society.

This show will be available to license from Broadway Licensing soon.

In the meantime please contact for any licensing requests.

Amateur and Professional Worldwide

12+ Suits Large Ensemble

Piano, Keys 2, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Trumpet, Reed 1, Reed 2

Yes (Combination of Live and Virtual Studio)