Written by Gus Gowland

When Jane returns from her father’s funeral to start clearing the house she grew up in – packing away the family photographs, closing a chapter – she isn’t prepared for the untold story she’s about to discover threaded through her past, a story that threatens to unravel her relationship with her own children and challenge her understanding of who she is.

Set simultaneously in the 1940s and in the present day it tells the story of how Jane’s father, Edward, met and fell in love with Tom in the dying days of the Second World War, and how his grandson, Ed, is now wrestling with many of the same prejudices that his grandfather faced as he tries to get his mum, Jane, to accept his relationship with Harry. Times may have changed but some battles are still there to be fought.

And then, into the turmoil of both these stories bursts Tom’s sister Rose – as a little girl chancing upon her brother kissing his best friend in the 1940s, and then again in the present day, as an elderly woman, wracked with guilt and clutching an unopened letter and a box filled with knotted string.

Pieces Of String is a tender, funny, emotionally-charged chamber musical that explores how three generations of one family learn to deal with a secret that nobody’s been brave enough to face until today.

Pieces of String demos have been recorded by West End artists including David Hunter, Daniel Boys, Claire Moore and Charlotte Wakefield.

“Ordinary”, “Pieces” and “Standing in the Shadows”:
Produced by Sam Featherstone at Price Studios. Orchestrations by Craig Adams.
Cast: Daniel Boys, Kane Oliver Parry, Andy Coxon, David Hunter and Charlotte Wakefield.

“Ordinary Reprise”:
Produced by Paul Herbert.
Piano arrangement and recording by Harriet Oughton.
Cast: Billy Cullum, John Addison, Greg Hurst, Helen Power and Phil Barley

  • STATUS OF SHOW Rewriting towards performance draft
  • LICENSE AVAILABILITY Not available. Currently under professional option.