Written by Rachel Bellman and Josh Bird

Flower Cutters is a coming-of-age crime thriller set in a contemporary English university. It follows the story of Cass, a first-year who joins an eccentric and exclusive group of students who earn money through the black-market trade of endangered flowers.

But what starts as a seemingly harmless way to fund her studies becomes a friendship she can’t let go of. Self-confident and independent, they are everything Cass never was, and she soon grows to idolise them and their worldview. However when they find themselves under the scrutiny of a criminal investigation, their friendship is tested and Cass faces the consequences of her compromised morals.

As the group’s struggle to claim innocence becomes harder, Cass clings onto the fragmenting friendship as she becomes embroiled in a harsh black market underworld.

A couple of demo recordings from Flower Cutters.
A Better Kind of Me recorded by Jasmine Hackett
Asking for Trouble recorded by students at Arts Educational Schools during the Perfect Pitch workshop week.

The video below was performed by Jasmine Hackett on 5th Dec 2017 at the Signal Concert in The Hospital Club, Covent Garden.

Rachel Bellman and Josh Bird
Rachel Bellman & Josh Bird.