Written by Rachel Bellman and Josh Bird

A coming-of-age thriller about friendship, betrayal, and the lengths we will go just to feel like we belong.

Desperate to fit in at university, Cass finds herself hanging out with Mia, Luke and Tom, an eccentric and exclusive group on the fringes of campus society. What Cass doesn’t know is that they are part of a university project, shrouded in mystery, that has drawn them into the black market world of endangered flowers. Yes, that’s a thing. And they’re extremely valuable.

When the group find themselves subjects of a criminal investigation, Cass clings onto their fragmenting friendship. But at what cost?

As part of the next stage of development for Flower Cutters, the show will have its regional premiere at the Birmingham Hippodrome’s Patrick Studio in April 2020, presented by the Musicals Young Company.

Tickets available now! www.birminghamhippodrome.com/calendar/flower-cutters/