Written by Craig Adams and Clare Prenton
An Alternate Reality Musical. Based on an original idea by Craig Adams and Ian Watson.

The times are politically volatile. Nightwalkers, a like-human species that live by the night, live, segregated, as outcasts beyond the wall of the city. Two peoples are divided by the light. Both sides search for answers. Old tensions are reignited when the murder of the most senior Nightwalker fuels more hatred of their kind. In this proud and seemingly civilised society, the police abandon the streets allowing a right wing organisation  – The White Knights of the Sun –  to gain popularity via sophisticated social media campaigns.

And in this divided and volatile city, a human boy falls for a girl from the wrong side of the wall. Can love ever survive hate when the police absent themselves, the Church is passive and rioters and looters take to the streets?

LUFU, the daughter of the murdered man seeks to answer the questions as to why her kind are so hated and in doing so collides into a boy from the wrong side of the wall. A dangerous romance begins with the affable TERRY, a trainee priest and wannabe rockstar. His love for her is pure and his increasing lack of faith in the State and his Church fuels this dangerous alliance.
These star crossed lovers were born in the wrong age. Society fails them. And an innocent community is threatened with extinction.

When hate is infectious, love struggles.

Defect is a cautionary tale set in a world we must hope to never see.

Defect has a powerful and memorable contemporary score. Popular songs from the show include the duet “If You Could Know” (recorded by Kerry Ellis and Oliver Tompsett) and “Rush of Life” which has been recorded by Julie Atherton for her 2015 album.

The following tracks were recorded for demo purposes only and feature Kerry Ellis and Oliver Tompsett “If You Could Know” and Jack Shalloo “Fangtastic”.

‘Rush of Life’ from the show also won a competition to be performed in the West End by Broadway performer Natalie Weiss, see the youtube video below..


  • STATUS OF SHOW Undergoing minor rewrites
  • CAST SIZE 16+ Suits large ensemble