Book and Lyrics by Timothy Knapman
Music and Lyrics by Laurence Mark Wythe

Danni Hero is the story of 15 year old teenager Danni McIntyre.

Danni lives with her mum, Sheila. But where Danni truly lives is in her head – in a wonderful, colourful fantasy world where she is a powerful superhero sent to Earth from space to defend the human race and fight for all that is true and just.

The schoolgirl that everyone sees each day, lost in her own little world of comic books and stories, is a brilliant disguise to protect her secret identity! Danni struggles on until the moment when she finds the strength inside herself to face a real threat in the real world – and save her community and the people closest to her.

Danni Hero will be performed at Birmingham Hippodrome’s Patrick Studio by the Musical Theatre Youth Programme. Tickets available here: www.birminghamhippodrome.com/calendar/danni-hero/

4 teams of writers pitched their ideas for new musicals to the community of Corby. Danny Hero was the winning pitch and won a commission from Perfect Pitch and Made in Corby to write the full show and have it produced at The Core, Corby in 2016. Below is footage of the 10 minute pitch: Cast (left to right) George Tebbutt, Victoria Boden, Gary Jerry, Graham Bickley, George Ure, Natalie Douglas, Kim Anderson and Hannah Nuttal. 

Before it’s première in October, Made in Corby recorded a track from the show, featuring Graham Bickley with Corby Male Voice Choir and Deep Roots Tall Trees choir – here’s a video of the track:

The photos below are taken from the 2016 Production at The Core, Corby. An amateur co-production with Perfect Pitch and Made in Corby in association with C.A.T.S

Images by A B Digital Photography and WILD FIRE IMAGES (as shown on photos)

This show will be available to license from Broadway Licensing soon.

In the meantime please contact wendy@perfectpitchmusicals.com for any licensing requests.

16+ Suits large ensemble

Piano, Keys 2, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Reed, Trumpet